The audio format that needs no login, password or app and for which your ears will thank you forever

Yesterday there was yet another hacking scare. Rumours went around that users of the popular music streaming site, Spotify, were seeing tracks they weren’t expecting, their playlists were skewed and other problems arose. Security bloggers suggested we all change our passwords immediately as a precaution (it’s a good idea to refresh passwords from time to time, anyway). Spotify is denying a breach although a data dump that looks suspiciously like Spotify usernames, passwords and personal details turned up online, according to Mashable.

Anyway, I alerted my Facebook and Twitter crowd as soon as I heard, again, it’s sensible to refresh passwords and this was a better safe than sorry situation at the time whether or not it eventually turns out that Spotify had a data breach.


One wag on my Facebook page, however, gave me a laugh this morning, pointing out that she has asbolutely no intention of changing any passwords because her whole music collection is on vinyl. Hah! She can keep her crackles and pops though and I do wonder how she manages to take his music with him when he travels…or…maybe…just maybe…she doesn’t need to and is quite content to absorb the acoustic atmosphere of the places she visits without blocking it all out with noise-cancelling earbuds and the latest Bowie tribute/Beyonce soft drink/Miles Davis soundtrack…or whatever.


It would be a very Zen moment, wouldn’t it, if we all went back to unblocking our ears, as we did for the 99.999% of human history before the invention of the Sony Walkman.

Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.