The conspiracy theory conspiracy theory

Climate change denialist Malcolm Roberts told Brian Cox that NASA had fiddled the data on the graph he showed on a TV debate. Cox was dumbfounded, if NASA had fiddled the data than the Australian Academy of Sciences and the UK’s Met Office would all have to be complicit.

Of course, nobody has fiddled the data. That’s just a conspiracy theory, like the idea that someone is controlling our minds with so-called chemtrails or that we didn’t put astronauts on the Moon or that vaccines cause autism and Big Pharma is to blame or that Obama started ISIS and is also to blame for September 11, that we have illuminated lizard overlords, covered up Roswell aliens, and that Dan Brown is a great author etc etc etc. All BS.

It’s tragic. There are almost as many conspiracy theories as there are people claiming to be affected. But, perhaps there’s an overarching conspiracy theory at work here. They are spreading all this BS to confuse us as a decoy from the real conspiracy…if we’re all battling against these tiny conspiracy theories then we’re not going to notice the primary conspiracy, the big deal, the major manipulation……whatever that might be…

Now, where’d I put my tinfoil hat?

Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.