The fraudulent invention debunkifier

Debunking crackpot and fraudulent inventions has never been easier than now thanks to the world-shattering invention of the Crackpot Flowchart(TM) from Sciencebase. Based on the 13 unlucky-for-crackpots warning signs published some time ago on, this handy multicoloured flow chart lets you assess that recent email touting the latest ground-breaking breakthrough invention.

The Crackpot Flowchart(TM) will let you know in an instant whether the invention being touted is not only earth-shattering but whether it will rock the very foundations of modern science itself. No more worrying that you missed out on a Pulitzer, kick the frauds and the deluded into a cracked pot and save the real breakthrough for a sneaky call to the newsdesk at Science and Nature.

As a bonus, just swap out invention for theory to test whether that email is from the next Albert Einstein or the next Peewee Herman.

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Author: 雷竞技官网

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