The truth about penis enlargement

When it comes to penis size, there is probably not a guy on the planet who has not worried about it at some point. Moreover, there is probably not a single person on the planet who has not received at least one spam email announcing some way of increasing length, girth, or both.

So, what is the truth about penile enhancement? Is it possible? Is there even a grain of truth in any of those spams and even if there is does it really matter how big your p3n!s is? Are all those spam subject lines merely empty promises: “Reliable method of natural pen!s enlargement!”, “GretaSizeableMembr!”, “Special offer for your little willy!”, “All Natural Enlargement Add Inchees”, et ceteeeeera.

The simple fact of the matter is surgery is the only way to increase penis size, but surgeons will point out that it can be painful, involves a lot of heartache, can go seriously wrong and will not increase the size of your penis by more than a few millimetres even in a best-case scenario. But, what about all those other techniques, pills, and remedies mentioned in billions of spam messages, surely some of them work? Well, clinical trials are limited, but there is absolutely no definitive evidence that suggests any of them work at all, there may be a marginal placebo effect that boost’s a guy’s confidence without actually affecting his dimensions, but that’s as far as it goes. Anecdotes, by the way, are not medical evidence.

  • Vacuum pumps – These devices are supposed to increase size by increasing blood flow, but in reality can cause damage to blood vessels, reduced sensitivity and even impotence.
  • Pills and potions and pills – There is no known medication that will increase penis size. Moreover, miracle pills could be contaminated with toxic material, such as lead and faecal matter.
  • Hanging weights – Stretching human tissue usually leads to stretch marks and there is no evidence that any lengthening will be permanent once the weights are removed. There is evidence of loss of sensitivity, tissue damage, and impotence, however.
  • Exercises – The penis is not a muscle so cannot be made bigger through any form of exercise. Even Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic girdle, which allows you to seemingly “flex” your penis have potential drawbacks if overdone, such as potentially leading to retarded ejaculation (an inability to reach orgasm).
  • Jelqing – You may have heard this odd word, which refers to basically tugging and slapping your penis (without masturbating). There is no evidence that it works and if done in public, no matter how subtly, is likely to get you arrested for lewd behaviour.
  • Surgery – Not recommended and potentially dangerous.

So, there you have it. The truth about penile enlargement is that it cannot be done safely. More to the point though, unless you are suffering from the medical condition known as micropenis, you really shouldn’t worry about it, after all the human penis is proportionally much bigger on average than that of a gorilla!

Actually, now that I mention gorillas you may not wish to read on if you really are worried about your size. Gynaecologist Edwin Bowman explains in the journal 雷竞技王者荣耀 of Sexual Behavior that humans evolved a proportionally larger penis in parallel with the evolutionary widening of the birth canal as our brains got larger.

Males with a larger penis would have fared better in natural selection as they had more chance of ejaculating during sexual intercourse and so more chance of mating resulting in a pregnancy. “I have had many occasions to discuss penile size with women,” Bowman says, “In general and within reason, women prefer larger penises. The preference is ingrained in our culture and probably has been so since prehistoric times.”

It sounds like nonsense to me, given that the average aroused vagina is only about 4 inches long and the average aroused penis about 6.5 inches. More to the point surely a widening birth canal would only select for a thicker penis rather than a longer one. All of that aside, if our prehistoric ancestors are anything like some of their present-day ape cousins they were not into prolonged foreplay and had no problem ejaculating.

So, it looks like the only way of getting a bigger penis safely is to evolve more! But seeing as men and women evolved in parallel, it’s unlikely to benefit you much either way. Research Blogging IconBowman, E. (2007). Why the Human Penis is Larger than in the Great Apes 雷竞技王者荣耀 of Sexual Behavior, 37 (3), 361-361 DOI: 10.1007/s10508-007-9297-6