Wilding the garden with Seedball

The lovely people at Seedball sent me a small sack of their products, a great mix of wildflower seeds embedded in clay pellets with natural fertilisers, minerals and chilli (to keep the invertebrates off until germination takes place). I’ve mentioned them before. I did some “wilding last year. This year, I’d planned to scale up, but maybe not quite the completely wilding the garden I’d initially thought about. I’ve previously shared details of the contents of the sack.

Bag clips for the seeds harvested from garden plants and the allotment at the end of last summer

Anyway, I’ve scooped out an additional chunk of lawn on the back garden, turned it over a couple of times, pulled our roots and grass that remained after the digging, did a final rake and then scattered some seeds I’d harvested from Corn Cockle (from a friend via hashtag #AllotmentLife), Yarrow, Rosebay Willow Herb, Purple Toadflax, Wild Fennel, and a couple of others. Raked over that and then scattered a good couple of handfuls of Seedball and watered copiously from the waterbutts.

It doesn’t look too exciting yet. A few other harvested seeds I scattered around the broken up ground under and behind our apple tree next to the almost one-year-old resurrected pond hashtag #pondlife.


Author: 雷竞技官网

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