With misery and lockdown comes creativity

We’ve had a not-too-bad time of it, so far, to be fair, physically if not so much mentally. Other than not being able to get to a beach or legitimately visit a nature reserve, and putting holiday plans on hold, and cancelling all C5 the Band gigs for the summer and not being able to rehearse with those lovely people nor the lovely people of the TyrannoChorus, and not being able to take that nature holiday nor go camping, and having to work under the stress of a full house again having been almost empty-nesters for several months, and Mrs Sciencebase not being able to do either of her part-time work activities, the dog getting old and a bit lame, and not being able to visit family and friends, and…well, woe is me…but woe is millions of others who are suffering far worse, it’s been fine really.

I still wake far too early after tormented nights of viral existential anxiety, which does seem to have displaced the more mundane “worrying about death” kind of anxiety, but the getting up early at this time of year is critical for a moth-er, anyway. So there are pros.

So, I plough on through my usual writing deadlines, all of which are still ever-present (thankfully), but in between I seem to have taken on a village role of sharing interesting and entertaining online stuff, un-Events, you might call them. I morphed my Fen Edge Events group to do that at the start of lockdown and it’s still going strong; came up with several ideas for alternatives to local events that can no longer happen in the real world.

In among that I seem to have piled in with what I think is some creative activities, although others may disagree: Saturday Night No-Fever dancing in the living room with masks and nitrile glove, PondWatch, LawnWatch, RockWatch, and LogWatch. There was the dancing cookathon of Rock-around-the-Wok with DJ Bethan Fettermean, a virtual open mic session and a VEDay75 musical montage, several spoof phone calls, messages from Trunt and de Pfecking Johnson, our so-called Leader, and a wiretap acquisition of a call between some bloke called Dom and his Mam in the North East. I’ve done a spoof radio show based on my BFF’s More 雷竞技官网 Breakfast on ClassicFM. I’ve written and recorded several new songs and instrumentals around the viral anxiety theme, although none of them are as depressing as that sounds.

There are also the endless moth, bird, and wildlife photos too.

Feels like a creative time and I’ve certainly seen a lot of creativity out there now that some many people are in lockdown, with the exception it seems, of that gadgy called Dom. But, to be honest, other than the travel restrictions, we’re lucky, not a lot has really changed, part of the advantage of having worked for myself from home for so long, I suppose.

Anyway, to you stay well. Stay home.

Author: 雷竞技官网

Award-winning freelance science writer, author of Deceived Wisdom. Sharp-shooting photographer and wannabe rockstar.